Last updated October 2, 2018


Stanford University (September 2014-Present)

Ph. D. Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering

Advisor: Prof. William Chueh

Support: NSF GRFP & Thomas V. Jones Stanford Graduate Fellowships

University of Delaware (August 2010-May 2014)

Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

GPA: 3.95/4.00; Honors Program; Minor in Nanoscale Materials

Senior Thesis: “Thermoelectric Power Generation in Dynamic Temperature Environments”

Technical Experience

Graduate Research Assistant, Stanford University (Chueh Lab)

  • Leading experimental side of a multi-disciplinary team developing methods for autonomous optimization of battery fast-charging policies
  • Developing a new method of electrochemical analysis to measure solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI) growth during galvanostatic cycling
  • Designing the Chueh lab’s “Gen 2” battery fabrication and characterization facilities; expanded total battery testing channels from 24 to 160

Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of Delaware (Zide Lab)

  • Built lumped parameter model of heat transfer in thermoelectric materials using MATLAB
  • Designed and fabricated experimental devices to test heat transfer model
  • Developed pulse-width-modulation solar simulator in LabVIEW

Engineering Intern, DuPont Engineering Technologies

  • Assessed the competitiveness of a key DuPont product in an existing market
  • Analyzed the thermal performance of various brines to replace existing carcinogenic brine
  • Evaluated vendor proposals for a solid-liquid suspension impeller and proposed alternative designs

Journal Publications

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Selected Honors and Awards

Date Award
April 2014 Alexander J. Taylor Outstanding Senior Man Finalist (University of Delaware)
April 2014 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
March 2014 Stanford Graduate Fellowship
February 2014 Gates-Cambridge Scholarship Finalist
June 2013 Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society Scholarship
March 2013 NASA Space Grant Scholarship
March 2013 Barry Goldwater Scholarship
March 2010 University of Delaware Distinguished Scholarship - Full Tuition

Skills and Certifications

Scientific computing: Python, MATLAB

Materials characterization: SEM, TEM, XRD, XPS, Auger, Raman, X-ray CT

Electrochemical characterization: Sweep voltammetry, galvanostatic, and impedance characterization of full cells and half cells with Bio-logic, Arbin, and Maccor potentiostats

Shop experience: Milling, lathing, welding, torching, casting

Engineer-in-Training certification (obtained by passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam)

Professional service

Lab manager: Chueh group (January 2018-present)

Reviewer: Journal of the Electrochemical Society

Mentor: Four undergraduate & masters students; EDGE mentor