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Research at Stanford University

I work with Prof. William Chueh on making lithium-ion batteries last longer and charge faster. More technically, I use electrochemical characerization to study how surface effects impact the side reactions and rate capability of carbon anodes. I’ll provide more details when I’ve published my work, but my main projects include:

  • High-throughput screening of fast-charging policies for commercial batteries
  • Studying the growth of the solid-electrolyte interphase, a major cause of degradation in lithium-ion batteries

University of Delaware

Research at University of Delaware

I worked with Dr. Joshua Zide for three years on a novel application of thermoelectric materials. Thermoelectrics are often considered for waste-heat recovery applications, exploiting a steady-state spatial temperature gradient to generate electricity. We investigated thermoelectric power generation in dynamic temperature environments, or environments with either cyclical or random temperature variations with respect to time. This work is detailed in Bomberger et al and Attia et al.

I also wrote a paper on the ethics of nanotechnology and the environment. Read more at the bottom of this page, or read the paper here.

Lastly, I interned with DuPont Engineering Technologies in the Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer group for a summer. I worked on a variety of chemical engineering problems, including water absorption, heat exchanger design, and solid-liquid mixing.