I work for Tesla Inc. I hold a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University and a BChE in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware. My graduate research focused on making lithium-ion batteries last longer and charge faster through combining fundamental understanding and data-driven methods.

My primary research interest is building systems that save people time. I’m especially interested in accelerating scientific progress through automation. To combat climate change, we need to accelerate the development of alternative energy technologies so that they’re available in years, rather than decades. While my background is in the physical sciences, I’ve developed skills in data science and software engineering to create platforms for autonomous scientific research.

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This is my personal website. The views expressed on this page are mine alone and not those of my employer.

Which Peter Attia are you?

Seeing how my website barely cracks the top 10 pages of a Google search for “Peter Attia”, the Peter Attias of this world are doing quite well! The good news is I’m in good company; the bad news is it can be difficult to find me via online (hence the “m” in petermattia.com).

In particular, two identically-named gentlemen have a larger web presence than I. I’m not Peter Attia, M.D., although we both went to Stanford after studying engineering as an undergraduate. I’m also not this Peter Attia, who works on search engine optimization.