In 2022, I worked with a broad consortium of contributors with affiliations in five countries and seven US states across academia, national labs, and industry to publish “‘Knees’ in lithium-ion battery aging trajectories”. You can find a summary here. I really enjoyed diving into this difficult problem with this diverse team. Since then, this work has been highlighted in two interesting venues.

The first is the Wall Street Journal. I chatted with Joanna Stern about why her iPhone battery was degrading faster than expected. Turns out her iPhone had 494 cycles after just 1 year, which I suppose is on brand for a personal tech columnist. I enjoyed our brief conversation, and I think the article did a great job explaining battery degradation to a general audience.

The second is the EU Batteries Regulation report. This report is a review of battery performance and durability for the EU’s upcoming minimum battery durability regulations. Our work is cited nine times in this report.

Overall, I’m pleased that this work has impact beyond hardcore battery nerds and can help folks ranging from policymakers to readers of the WSJ’s tech column.