Recently, I’ve been learning about fundamental electrochemistry through my battery research—
charge-transfer vs mass-transfer, reversibility, asymmetry, etc. I found myself frequently confused by these terms and concepts, without a good resource to develop my understanding. Of course, Bard and Faulkner is an essential reference for electrochemists, but I’ve found it a better reference textbook than a “learning” textbook.

With help from a post-doc in my lab (who took Allen Bard’s electrochemistry class at UT Austin!), I built a MATLAB app to help me perform simple electrochemical simulations—and thus better understand electrochemistry. Check out a screenshot below:


In the process, I learned about the basics of electrochemistry and finite element simulations. I’m working on documentating my code to make simple electrochemical simulations more accessible. This will be a work in progress, but you can check it out here!